Reviews of The Book of Invasions

In The Book of Invasions Rod Vick takes a decidedly unique angle and blends ancient Celtic mythology with Egyptology and mixes it with a cinematic-style mystery adventure reminiscent of Clive Cussler or Preston & Child. This tale is a familiar and welcome but unusual ride and worthy of ending up on your bookcase. I really enjoyed this story, by the way. It's definitely got legs, as they say. The mystery, the global adventure, the action--it all works really well. – Sean Little, author of After Everyone Died

I am amazed, awed, and proud! This proved for me to be a real page scroller! At times I found the rescues to be unbelievable, and yet, the possibility kept me wondering what would happen next. And speaking of characters…they are amazing. Flawed. Gullible. Human. This is visually appealing! Your artistry of description is undeniable. Thank you for letting me read this! I cannot imagine the time, the research, or the imagination required to make this book work so well! Now—what a movie this would make?!!! Bravo, my friend! Love you! _ Bill Zubke, author of Dare To Fail (spoilers redacted)

The Book of Invasions is a riveting, action-packed thriller. Readers will be caught up in a web of intrigue from the very first page. It is one of those great novels that will keep you up half the night if you let it. The Book of Invasions takes readers on an unforgettable journey to find a scroll that holds the key to life and death with good battling evil. It is filled with edge of your seat unexpected twists and turns. You’ll never see the final twist coming. Most of Rod Vick’s chapter endings have the reader dangling over the proverbial cliff. It’s a great read for Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code fans, and once you’ve read The Book of Invasions, you’ll be longing to see the movie. Kudos to author Rod Vick, for even though The Book of Invasions is a work of fiction, the novel reflects the author’s in-depth research to make both the characters and heart-pounding plot come alive. Nancy Dearborn, author of Hugga Loula, I Found a Wallet, and Runaway

A thrilling tale of adventure, intrigue, and interesting locations. A dilemma at every turn. Creative, sometimes humorous, and many frightening answers with real world consequences pepper the story. I feel like I have traveled the world to experience the ride of my life. An adventure story that kept me turning the page, reading faster and faster. Troubled characters, engaging dialogue, and interesting locations intrigued me with a story that kept spinning. This book has characters that come to life or die trying. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip across the ocean to experience a journey of pure exhilaration. Can’t wait for the sequel. Let’s do it again! I enjoy reading historical fiction that enlightens me as I race across the globe to Greenland, Egypt, and Ireland. I kept wanting to stop the story and look up locations, maps and histories of the legends portrayed in the book. Intriguing and dangerous adventure awaits every turn of the page. Thanks for a great read! - Becky Bachhuber, illustrator of The Great Milwaukee Hamburger War

In The Book Of Invasions, Rod Vick has masterfully crafted a roller coaster ride of history, intrigue, light-hearted humor, and horror. In The Book Of Invasions, Rod has created a thought-provoking thriller that gets the reader fully involved in a global race against a relentless force. This book straps you in and takes you along for a truly thrilling ride with Ricky Crowe and Mason Crockett in their fight against a millennia-old, being bent on global domination...and personal war against God Himself. I felt like "Short Round" bouncing around in a rickety motorcycle sidecar, enjoying every bit of this exciting tale. Rod Vick's, The Book Of Invasions is a thriller that any reader will enjoy thoroughly.Mark Lambrecht, winner of The Weakest Link and The Mole (spoilers redacted)

Reviews for A Phantom Walks Among Us

'Excellent read! Having reviewed plenty of movies and books during my career, I was unable to immediately figure out the final twist, which is saying something. Highly recommend this tale, which takes place in Wisconsin.' - Sue Pierman, media consultant

'I just finished reading this excellent book, and I can say for a fact; anyone who loves a good mystery, small town life, the great state of Wisconsin, or if you’re fortunate enough...Mukwonago itself...this book is for you. It’s got twists and turns and historical tidbits as well as modern day life- it’s a book you’ll love to read and want to share with friends and family. My only question is...did anyone see it coming?' - John

‘I just wanted to let you know that I started reading your book Saturday night before bed, but unfortunately I was so engrossed I couldn't put it down until I finished it (right around stupid o'clock). What a wonderful read!! I totally enjoyed the familiar spots in the setting, but it was so much more than that. Outstanding work.’ - Ann Morrow

‘Great read, Rod. Your attention to detail with criminal behavior and investigations is outstanding.’ - Mike Zens, former U.S. Secret Service

‘I finished your book today, I really enjoyed it, the kind you're sad to finish because you don't want to say good-bye to the characters.’ - Karen Sperstad

‘I finished reading your Phantom book recently and I am very impressed! I am not usually a mystery reader, but really enjoyed it!’ - Gayle Williams Huelsbus

‘I really enjoyed your book and have passed it on to my eldest daughter. It was fun to read about so many familiar places. I anxiously await your next mystery!’ - Brad Naybert

‘Finished Phantom. Thank you! Loved it... so much fun. I’m hoping we see Nate again down the road a bit, doing more crime solving!’ - Christine Maxfield Ponder

'I have a bone to pick with you: Your book grabbed me, keeping me from doing my work! Best laid plans epically failed as I was drawn in and HAD to finish the book! You are the master of red herrings.' - Terry Rabe, teacher

Reviews of Kaylee's Choice and Rod Vick's other Irish dance-themed books

'Wanted to read before giving it as gift to GrandDaughter, was well written and interesting. Liked how protagonist made her choice while remaining loyal to her family. Good teaching tool when it comes to family values...also learned a lot about Irish Dance.' - Amazon review

'This is the first in a series of 7 books. Perfect for your Irish Dancer! My Daughter loved it and has read the six in the series that are out and is waiting anxiously for the release of the 7th and final book of Kaylee OShay.' - Vickie L. Mehle

'Great book, lots of lessons learned!' - Tee

'Kaylee O'Shay has been playing soccer for her father's soccer team and has recently started doing Irish dance at the Trean Gaoth Academy. He father is a former champion soccer player and he wants Kaylee to follow in his footsteps. Kaylee's not so sure that soccer is where her dreams lie. She really likes Irish dancing and has made some really good friends at her dance school. Unlike her soccer team where the top players poke fun of her and call her "O'Shrimp" and she really only has one very good friend. Then one day, it happens - there is an important soccer meet and an important Irish dance event on the same day. Kaylee will have to choose which she will do. I enjoyed reading this story. It really takes you into the mind of a middle school girl. The pressure to fit in, the desire to please your parents and the desire to pursue your own dreams -- three things that rarely line up for any kid.' - Theresa Kasel

'Join Kaylee and discover with her why so many girls (and boys) willingly endure wigs and sock glue (yes, glue for their socks) to Irish dance. What I liked: Kaylee's relationship with her dad is realistic. Although they have disagreements and don't always agree, father and daughter love and sacrifice for each other. The fact that her father wanted her to take soccer because he had loved it addresses the whole "stage mother" issue that I try not to succumb to with my own children. I also relate to Kaylee's attept at prioritizing. Daily I look at the various activities and responsiblities my children and I have taken on and try to keep them in perspective. Which is most important? Can the laundry wait until tomorrow? How can we compromise and keep everyone happy? The setting of the dance studio jumped out at me. How cool is a studio built out of an old bowling alley? I want to go see it. Vick does an excellent job explaining the idiosyncrasies of Irish dance and helping the reader with pronunciations. Here's an example of the word ghillie: "The way she pronounced it made Kaylee think of something a small fish would breathe through" p 20. Also addressed in the book is the monetary reality of a hobby such as Irish dance. Through Kaylee we get to see the costs involved and the sacrifices made by both daughter and parents for such a pastime. I loved the character of Helen, a gruff granny teacher who doesn't mince words. Also, I love the last two lines of the book, they are satisfying. I would post them here, but that would give away Kaylee's choice. I guess you will have to read the book :) What I would have changed: I didn't enjoy the relationship Kaylee had with her grandmother and that thread of the book didn't work out for me in the end. Although I liked how the issue was resolved, the grandmother and grandaughter still felt estranged. I could have read more about her interactions with her friends, new and old. I realize that this is a personal preference. The verdict: The first in a series, Kaylee's Choice will appeal to those who have already fallen in love with Irish dancing, as well as those who have never before heard of it. The book is especially suited for middle grade readers.' - Christy