'I have a bone to pick with you: Your book grabbed me, keeping me from doing my work! Best laid plans epically failed as I was drawn in and HAD to finish the book! You are the master of red herrings.'

- Terry Rabe, teacher


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Welcome! Whether it's the YA fiction of Kaylee's Choice, the regional non-fiction of Haunted Mukwonago, or my newest novel, The Book of Invasions, it has been fun to write books that appeal to almost everyone!

Mystery, romance & nightmares...

Where can you find mystery, romance, a wry sense of humor, and a globe-hopping tour of cruelty and nightmares all in one place? That would be my latest novel, The Book of Invasions, coming in 2022! The DaVinci Code-meets-Girl with the Dragon Tattoo-style thriller is a departure from some of my earlier works, and it has been great fun charting a twisting path for readers as I've brought the novel to fruition. More details will be available as publication draws near, but a plot synopsis is provided below to whet the appetite!

Not just adult thrillers; check out the YA titles

Rod's murder whodunits and thrillers have gained him many fans. But so have his YA titles such as Kaylee's Choice (which Hornpipe magazine called 'a book every Irish dancer should read'), The Irish Witch's Dress and Dance of Time. The Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer series is beloved across the US and also boasts readers in Canada, Australia, Mexico, England and Ireland. Check them out by clicking on the appropriate menu item.

Teaser Trailer for The Book of Invasions

Haunted Mukwonago - The Hugely Popular Book of Small Town history and Mystery

Book 3 in the Phantom Murder Series

The Kaylee O'Shay, Irish Dancer series for YA readers

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